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Want to create a great logo?

Mastering subtlety and understatement helps.

A great logo is more than art.

In the opinion of Milton Glaser, the designer well known for his "I Love New York" logo, says that the key to greatness in logo design is one thing : simplicity.

Hex Logo Design
Hex logo design for Nightlife Magazine.

"You want to move the viewer in a perception so that when they first look at the logo ... they get the idea, because that act between seeing and understanding is critical."

Whether you're browsing up and down the aisles of a supermarket, or driving around the city, you are sure to come across a few recognisable logos.

The great logos are the ones which embody the culture and essence of an entire company.

They great tell a story - in an instant - about the character company it represents, as well as the products it produces or the services it offers.

Designing your own iconic brand identity.

In terms of execution, one of the most important aspects of logo design is the correct use of colour. Colour carries meaning and communicates ideas.

Hex Logo Design
Hex logo design for app to scan eco-products.

Research on colour psychology, going back to Johann Goethe reveals the links between colours and the meanings they hold for us.

Great logos also need to work in a variety of contexts without losing their message. Your logo will need to be seen in print (hi-res), on the web (low-res) or as an icon on a mobile app.

It might need to be used on very light or dark backgrounds, heavily textured surfaces.

A red flag should appear when you see a logo made using Photoshop-type effects such as embossing, blurry shadows, lens flares, or photographic imagery.

A poorly chosen logo can be disastrous for an organisation. Those who took branding lightly during their inception phase may well suffer in the long term.

Hex Logo Design
Hex logo design for online activism campaign.

Even if the product offered is best-of-breed, a confusing or offensive logo can turn off customers and cause damage to credibility.

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