Illustrator Internship — We’re Hiring

Are you an illustrator with consistently flowing creative juices?


Work with the design team to create a series of illustrations and animations for... (see below).

Position Requirements:

  • Make:
    • Interactive Buttons
    • Loading screens
    • Overlays on videos (aka Motion Graphics)
    • Animations for Narrated Live Demos
    • Stitched them together to make longer intro videos
    • Hardly ever been done before : Real Time, Interactive Infographics (possibly award-winning stuff)
  • Your day-to-day activities will include:
    • drinking coffee
    • playing song of the day and looking busy

Internship duration:

ASAP - 1 month later, permanent position if a good fit.


Craft and Graft (2 Gordon St, Gardens, Cape Town).

Job Type:

Remuneration is negotiable; based on skill level, length of contract and performance after a one month trial period. There are quite a lot of perks and the right candidate will be given an opportunity extend their contract to a permanent basis.

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