Hex Brand Alignment

Brand alignment is the key to amplifying the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Brand alignment is embodied and expressed by a "Brand Bible" or "Brand Style Guide".

Hex Brand Alignment
Hex brand alignment starts with the creation of a very simple brand guide.

Many of us tend to overlook the need for a brand guide (also called a brand a "Brand Bible").

A brand guide presents a clear set of rules for how your organisation's marketing materials should look - both offline and on. The guide contains everything a designer (or the press for that matter) needs to know about how to present your brand.

This includes your logo, permissable logo sizes, colours, fonts, spacing - from the basics to a detailed instruction set. It also helps to ensure that the work you have done for your brand is not compromised by a less-skilled designer who does not fully understand how your design is supposed to function.

The Brand Bible
Hex brand alignment document.

Without this type of document handy it is easy for design approaches to diverge and when that happens your brand gets diluted. Something you should avoid at all costs.

We advise prioritising the development of a basic brand guide before other marketing materials are produced. Starting out with a brand guide in hand will ensure that design work does not need to be duplicated over time.

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