Meet The Hex Team

Tina Harkett
Tina Harkett
Tina Harkett — Book360 Project Manager

Tina is the Hex Company Project Manager. Armed with the wisdom of three decades spent managing enterprise software projects in JSE-listed companies such as Old Mutual and the Clicks Group, Tina leads and guides the Hex team to achieve all objectives timeously and within budget.

Tina is that she is an energetic, down-to-earth woman who is young at heart.

Joel Jenkinson
Joel Jenkinson
Joel Jenkinson — Book360 Product Owner

Joel is one of Book360’s most important support people. He saw big potential for growth in Book360 and offered his services to expand the Hex Company within the travel industry. His enthusiasm is remarkable.

If there are two words to describe Joel it would be “Eager” and “Beaver”, he works extremely hard to achieve the smooth delivery of Book360 features.

Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas — Lead Software Developer

Steven is the Hex Company's lead Software Developer. He serves a crucial role in the development of Book360. Steven works well under pressure — even when he is multi-tasking he does not lose composure.

If you are looking for a tech savvy person, Steven is your guy. He is blessed with a vast knowledge of software development. One thing the Hex Company appreciates about Steven, is that he will always assist you no matter how small the issue.

Sabrina Giquel
Sabrina Giquel
Sabrina Giquel — Book360 Support

Sabrina is the lead Quality Assurance (QA) for the Book360 system. One of her duties is to follow the processes that travel consultants engage in on a daily basis and document all feedback.

Sabrina is a well-mannered young lady who is eager and devoted. The aura that Sabrina presents is one of brilliance.

Sabrina Giquel
Ivan Copeland
Ivan Copeland — Software Engineer

Ivan is a software engineer and gold investor who is on a search for his higher calling. He is a pleasure to know and work alongside. Ivan has been involved in multiple Book360 projects since 2017.

Sabrina Giquel
Anouk Vos
Anouk Vos — Photographer and Media Host

Anouk has Dutch roots and lives in Cape Town. Combining her creativity with her background as a social worker, she creates culturally meaningful content for Hex Africa.

Through video, photography and being the Hex Company's Youtube Channel host Anouk communicates key milestones and events for the Hex Company.

Sabrina Giquel
Mark Fox
Mark Fox — Hex System Architect

The belief in building and facilitating strong rooted relationships starts right here with Mark Fox. He is a connector - and a selfless one at that. In addition to being a strong advocate for helping others grow, he plants the same seed within his own organisation.

Sabrina Giquel
Karen Schafer
Karen Schafer — Treasurer

Karen has five decades of experience in finance. Her ever-watchful eye ensures the rest of the Hex team can relax and focus on customer support and creating leading edge travel products.

Executive Team

Our executive team, Ineke, Karen and Tina, enjoying their annual meeting in Melkbos Strand.

Culture, or a lack thereof, is one of the reasons why most new ventures fail.


Culture is often discounted as a touchy-feely component of business that belongs to HR.

It is not something intangible - it's not a vibe or the studio "look and feel". Culture is one of the most crucial drivers that has to be nurtured to ensure sustainable success.

Hexagon Pool
Muchenja, Wright, Rachel and Theunis.

The original quote, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast", seems to be attributable to Mark Fields of the Ford Motor Company and he attributed it to management "guru" Peter Drucker, although the exact quote by him is not easily found.

Organisations are starved of fresh and promising ideas on a daily basis because they have failed to lay a strong foundation where those ideas can grow, develop, and produce market growth innovation.

The 2014 UCT Team
Tariro, Maureen, Zama, Caitlin, In'aam & Chad.

Culture creates the foundation for strategy and will either be a company's greatest asset or liability.

All of these are variations on a single, beautiful concept: the culture of a group fuels the countless small actions and interactions that propel an organisation into a sustainable future.

While culture has many aspects and manifestations, its core should include a clear sense of purpose and shared values that guide decision making across the organisation.

Wright Corinna Mabel
Mabel, Corinna and Wright.

Team "Building"

In terms of company development, so called team "building" is vital not only for the immediate experience of the activities performed by the team, but also for the group skills, communication and the bonding that results.

In a world where so much attention is focused on making the client happy, organisations can sometimes forget about their lifeblood : the teams that provide the expertise, energy and enthusiasm without which nothing useful would ever get done.

The D4D Team
Muchenja, Rachel and Wright.

More than the sum of it's parts : a team must be more than a collection of individuals working together.

A team that works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful - not to mention happier and a delight to work alongside.

Establishing and developing bonds can be tricky, especially when cliche team-building sessions tend to induce more eye-rolls among team "mates" than high-fives.

Chad Petersen
Chad Petersen, co-lead developer at Hex.

People Power

When companies keep their activities aligned with their values, they naturally attract talented and enthusiastic people.

Team members are inspired to go the extra mile for customers.

The Studio

Having collaborated with D4D on the Abalimi project in 2014 and 2015, TwoForty Square was the perfect choice of studio for the Hex team in 2015.

Also based at TwoForty Square are the Design for Development (D4D) - a passionate mix of graphic designers who share a passion for people and realising human rights.

The D4D Team
Rosie, Melissa, Kaitlin, Meghan, Amanda and Farida at the studio.