Jessica Mattson

Hex Writer and Stakeholder Relationship Management Aficionado.

I've learned the most about myself from what others have to say about themselves.

From that insight I've discovered that I'm at my best when surrounded by any one other person.

I'll indulge in the typical conversational banter but I'm rapidly absorbing all of that person's being within our first minutes of meeting.

Jessica Mattson
Jessica Mattson : The people's people.

Some folks recognise this as a gift, my calling, I call it just being human. I believe that everyone has the same potential.

And while I can't single-handedly stop the evolution of the Internet age, I still prefer interpersonal interaction and face to face communication.

That being said, I'm quite aware of the shift to everyone and everything being online.

I'll support it only if you can harness the power and love that people can give in person and transmit it online.

This is the exact reason why I adore and support Hex's core mission : Bring the power of enterprise-level systems to civil society and social enterprises.

Hex has begun to demystify information systems - which helps to bridge the "Digital Divide".

I can appretiate this since I too have a very uncluttered way of looking at situations. I can take the most convoluted system or situation and break it down to its simplest form.

Having done my time in the corporate world, I understand the logistics of running a smooth operation and the most crucial component of working smarter, not harder.

So working alongside Hex on their CRM (actually "SRM" : Stakeholder Relationship Management) system is a dream.

I'm able to to insert very human characteristics into a very powerful collaborative system which still retains "an interpersonal feel".

I can't stress the importance of that enough. To put it simply, I put myself on a clean slate and redirect myself into the consumers (or "stakeholders") mind and develop up from there.

The fundamental purpose of a CRM SRM is as simple as this: helping you, and your staff, build and foster strong, rooted relationships.

You're human (right?) - and the cool thing about technology is that it isn't; which means that it's "bandwidth" is much wider than ours.

Technology should never replace you, only enhance you, which is exactly what the Hex SRM component does, enhance the person (sometimes called the "user" by more mundane systems).

To explain all that will systematically make your life easy peasy, rice and cheesy, would take up a lot of scrolling space so trust that all avenues will be touched upon.

The other, and very important, reason as to why I'm on board with Hex is their unique approach to SRM system development.

You, my friend, will have no system like any other.

Nobody's needs and wants are identical to yours.

What's lovely is your dashboard is as unique as you, just like your finger print. Call me corny, but that makes me geek out on the possibilities because Hex makes them endless.

Jessica Mattson
Jess grew up in a town nestled in the Catskill Mountains.

Jessica Mattson was born and raised on a dairy farm in Upstate New York. She grew up in a very small town nestled in the Catskill Mountains.

My upbringing taught me a lot about familial ties, small town living, values and the true nature of human connection.

After graduating with a B.S. in Communication Studies, I spent some time backpacking through much of Europe. Upon returning to the States, I embarked on a solo cross-country trip, which essentially landed me a one-way ticket to Sunny San Diego.

As it turns out, I love to learn, write and share knowledge with the world. I'm passionate about human growth and development through a myriad of avenues.

You can find me on the floor of local libraries reading up on health and nutrition, professional growth, mental stimulation, or personal development.

I'm in search of finding my higher purpose and helping those of you to do the same. To learn further, going over to isn't a bad idea for starters.

Jessica Mattson
An Africa-loving American adrift in Botswana.

In the interim... I'm American and you can tell immediately upon meeting me or even from some distance away (I'm the loud one).

I love chocolate cupcakes with homemade peanut butter frosting, I (can) teach yoga but prefer to be on an airplane meeting people and cultures. My favorite color is brown and I have a black pug named Leigha.

Cheers to never meeting a stranger.