Friends Don't Let Friends Use Wordpress

By: Jessica Mattson / Published on the 25th of August 2015 / Category: Content Management.

I wish I knew about Hex when...

Unfortunately Wordpress is a hodge-podge of different systems and you need to keep track of the various add-ons, plug-ins and other things used.

When you use Wordpress you are using the work of hundreds or perhaps even thousands of different programmers - the vast majority of whom do not communicate or synchronise with each other. You will never be able to have an experience of things "just working" as you do with say - an Apple product. It will never be seamless.

We cannot guarantee any aspect of Worpress because we are not the authors. The best we can do is help you to maintain the website by keeping track of changes to the various add-ons and plug-ins made by the Wordpress community.

This is the downside of the relative "cheapness" of setting up a Wordpress website.

The true cost comes later.

I wish I knew Hex when I was building my own website, had a dream of building my own website, working on a website platform for work, editing a website for work (thinking I had a clue as to what I was doing), Had questions about website development, etc. I started building my website nearly a year ago to date.

I was just Jess. I wasn't Jess, the website guru with infinite knowledge on website coding, web development, graphic design experience, etc.

I was just Jess who loved to put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard. That's my passion, writing. Technology is an extremely useful and empowering tool if you know what you're dealing with and if not, it can be the scariest thing you've encountered to date. And yes, that is including all of the monsters underneath your bed.

Fast forward to one and a half years later after I started writing on the web and developing my own website. I now sit in Cape Town, South Africa working on re-writing content for the non-profit, Abalimi Bezekhaya and Harvest of Hope Project working closely with the Hex team. I'm fluent on the interworking's of website management on the very lowest of low levels but to say it simply, and succinctly, Hex's system is bullet proof. Let me paint you a picture :

My name is Jess Mattson. I'm an American with a degree in Communications and a focus in Gender Communications.

Hex Drag and Drop Responsive Website Page Builder
Hex's Snowflake "Drag and Drop" Responsive Website Builder.

I love people and I find each and every person I come into contact with influential and downright amazing, for every reason under the stars you could think of.

My creative outlet is writing, not designing, painting, or being artistically creative, visually. I struggled when it came to developing my website ( When I launched it after three grueling and tiring months of Googling, YouTubing, researching and outsourcing for help, I felt like a Queen of the highest royalty riding on my beautifully crystalized magic carpet.

I built my website through WordPress, a well-known platform for bloggers. I now understand and can edit it myself but three months to get something up and running, while simultaneously needing to maintenance a business is an ineffective way to spend your time. After all, time is our biggest asset.

Hex Drag and Drop Responsive Website Page Builder
Wordpress websites are vulnerable due to the plethora of uncoordinated plug-ins.

In a short contrast of WordPress to Hex, it's easy peasy. More importantly however, Hex is based on an "Enterprise Architecture" which grows alongside your business. Wordpress is a rudimentary "Content Management System (CMS)" which has become popular because people who do not know it's limitations (e.g. graphic designers) recommend it to other people (i.e. their clients) who know even less. The blind leading the blind is the appropriate metaphor.

The web is a powerful, powerful tool. It could be argued that it is the most powerful tool in this day in age. It can single-handedly transform your business or your personal brand overnight (if used wisely, I might add). If your brand and your vision is majority represented to your consumer and the public online, don't you want to take the appropriate measures to nurture your baby and make sure it gets all that it needs? There are few people who have the bandwidth (and mental strength) to do both. So let Hex take the questions, the late nights, the endless Googling out of the picture for you. Focus your time and your energy on your passion, whether that's just a hobby right now or your business. That is what you were put on this Earth to do.

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