TwoForty Square Design Studios

Hex's Home Away from Home.

Having collaborated with D4D on the Abalimi project in 2014 and 2015, TwoForty Square was the perfect choice of studio for the Hex team.

TwoForty Square is a diverse group of creatives sharing two hundred and forty square meters of studio space in the vibrant neighbourhood of Observatory in Cape Town.

As a studio of like-minded people, TwoForty Square has created a vibrant community. They look after the garden, spend their lunch times together at the Lunch Spot and invite guests to join conversational lunch sessions on Thursdays.

TwoForty Square
TwoForty Square Thursday Lunch

Lunch time on a Thursday finds the occupants of TwoForty Square seated around the dining table with a guest or two.

TwoForty Square
TwoForty Square Garden Alley

Also based at TwoForty Square are the Design for Development (D4D) - a passionate mix of graphic designers who share a passion for people and realising human rights. We want to use our skills, creativity and connections to make a positive impact on people's lives.

TwoForty Square
The D4D Team