The Crockford Challenge

A refreshing dose of clarity.

I'm no software developer but I do appretiate a good quality source of technical information. Preferably one I can listen to while driving. Having some basic knowledge helps me to converse with those on the coding side of projects.

After first being inspired by the honesty, humour and insight of Douglas Crockford, I started searching for talks of the same caliber. My requirements were :

  1. Informative
  2. Rich in insight
  3. Devoid of fluff
  4. Entertaining would be a bonus (but not essential)

Unfortunately Crockford had already set the bar too high. I'm still searching... and the search has been painful.

Douglas Crockford
Is anyone else delivering useful info with style?

The "Two friends talking" format is an appallingly common format for "tech" podcasts. These irritate me the most. Does anyone care about your insider joke or backstory?

Almost as bad are the ones where a CFO, CEO or similar suit evangelises their company's culture or latest gizmo. Even the most primitive bullshit-detector would be flashing red on high alert.

At least these types of talks are easier to tune out as they drone on and on. Self-indulgent and often smug, and as with the giggling geeks, very low on actual information content.

This is why I decided to offer something valuable to anyone who can direct me to a speaker of equal quality.

An authentic voice is rare indeed. Perhaps because the industry is obsessed with novelty?

If you have any suggestions please post on our Twitter.